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Photographer Credit: Aryan Dariush

About Tarish

Tarish Patel’s upbringing was influenced by a vibrant blend of entertainment, music and sports. From watching the likes of Shah Rukh Khan and Tom Cruise on screen to listening to the likes of Michael Jackson and Jay Sean, Tarish’s spark for the arts was ignited from an early age. Ever since he started walking, Tarish was playing backyard Cricket with his father and brother having been inspired by the likes of Alastair Cook and Sachin Tendulkar. He went on to compete at school, club, and representative level. Making his men’s first-team debut at 15 years old and competing against the likes of Eton College and Harrow School developed his maturity and resilience.


Academically, Tarish leaned towards the Sciences right from primary school through to his university education and enjoyed the curious nature of the STEM subjects. Extracurricular activities were never too far away as Tarish pursued 1:1 LAMDA lessons during his GCSE’s and was a regular feature in the school Rounders and Cricket teams. Following his secondary education, Tarish embarked upon an Applied Science course at Loughborough College and gained a taste of semi-professional Cricket with the Loughborough University Cricket Squads. He then went on to read Biochemistry at the University of Surrey.

Tarish Patel London Actor

Photographer Credit: Faizul Islam

During his university days, he contemplated various career avenues as he strived to find his purpose in life. It was whilst working as a Research Scientist at Kings College London that Tarish realised performing was his true calling in life. Reconnecting with the culture and spiritual part of his life with the Krishna Consciousness society helped him to allow his passion for the arts to flourish. Having seen the likes of Dev Patel, Himesh Patel and more recently Banita Sandhu break into the mainstream, Tarish knew that there was a path.


Supporting roles on Bollywood film sets is where Tarish first learnt the craft from some of the finest talents in the Hindi Film Industry including Ranveer Singh and Varun Dhawan. In his final year at university, he gained a place at Caspa Arts Acting School and performed at the Phoenix Arts Club and the Tristan Bates Theatre which led to signing with his first agent in the industry, TTA. Tarish went on to pick up further supporting roles on music videos with some of the top British Asian musicians including Jaz Dhami, Ezu and Roma Sagar. Since graduating from university, Tarish has been training in method acting and is excited by the prospect of auditioning for roles in film and television and working with great filmmakers.

Mission & Core Values

To develop deeply authentic human characters in Film and Television as a British South Asian actor in the truest form, on-screen, by challenging the norm of typecasting, delivering scenes which have never been seen before.

Ambition – Striving for the best


Adventure – Willing to experiment


Curiosity – Seeking to explore and learn


Equality – Giving everyone an opportunity


Gratitude – Appreciating every experience


Purpose – Leading an intentional life


Selflessness – Serving the community

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