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The Brand Thinker Design Agency

Tarish Patel

Brand Launch

Actor launches personal brand with the Brand Thinker London Design Agency

Tarish Patel set a goal to launch his personal brand and sought the design skills of the Brand Thinker London Design Agency, led by Ryan Allen, Managing Director.

This South Asian London actor decided it was time to establish his first online platform, that would be a real personal brand, he could relate to and be part of the development of it. After months of brand workshops to sketch out the brand, it finally launched in December 2020.

The brand celebrates Tarish's Indian heritage and love for classic design and sport, with subtle tones to give a contemporary feel and timeless brand for this upcoming new performer.


Tarish Star's In TikTok Commercial

Science Graduate Debut Commercial

Tarish Patel has worked on his first major commercial for one of the world’s leading social media platforms, TikTok. It is out now for their social campaign. He enjoyed being on set with a fantastic crew, Geeks in Motion and even revisited some elements of his academic background whilst filming.


Check out his appearance! 


Video Link

Tarish Patel dancer in Roma Sagar's Late

Dancer for Roma Sagar

Backing Dancer in Roma Sagar's Music Video 

Tarish performed as a dancer in Roma Sagar’s latest music video, ‘In The Club’, featuring Raxstar. Working with an upcoming artist in the British Asian scene on an upbeat, party song was a brilliant experience, and he relished at the opportunity to show off some of his dance moves.


The video has over 265k views on YouTube.



The Dare Skywalk

at Tottenham Hotspur

Scaling London's Newest Landmark

Tarish starred as a climber alongside entertainment presenter, Sarah Lamptey, in a safety film for Tottenham Hotspur’s latest attraction, The Dare Skywalk.


It’s an adrenaline-packed experience for thrill-seekers as you scale the Spurs Stadium and enjoy the break-taking views of London upon reaching the iconic golden cockerel. He enjoyed working with a great crew, Fresh Cut.


The Dare Skywalk opened to the general public in August 2020. 

Watch the Final Cut:

The Dare Skywalk at Tottenham
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